Thursday, 24 March 2011

Designer Inspiration and more designs

The designers who have shown collections with references to 70's Harlem:
  • Gucci-very opulent, rich colours
  • Trussadi 1911- A minimalist take on the trend, minimal colour palette and simple shapes but still a touch of the opulence
  • YSL Pre-fall- Referenced 1977 YSL Opium collection, very clean lines and simple, structured shapes but with hints of exoticism and luxury
  • The Row-Although not an obvious reference, the exaggerated shapes, fur, animal print and tailoring are all given an interesting twist in the Olsen twins collection. 
  • Malandrino-The hats, furs and sexy draped dresses echo 70's shapes and aesthetics but with an edgy, urban touch.
Following those are my designs which are inspired by the designers' take on 70's Harlem.


  1. Your sketches and inspiration photos are so lovely! I especially like the purple dress in the top row with the squiggle down the side. The peasant sleeves on some of the blouses are also quite stylish! I loved reading your comment on the topic of uniforms and how difficult it is to have individuality in a world full of conforming. Everyone says that nowadays people are so broad-minded and have many different styles, which is true on some level, but sad on another how we all essentially dress similarly. I love Tavi, and I adore your idea of dressing like a geisha and a medieval wench!

  2. amazing inspiration!

  3. these are amazing! love your blog, following you! x

  4. What a cool post/blog. Love your sketches. Such an inspiring thing. xo