Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Human Gardens and Adjustable Plastic Surgery

No, we’re not in blodge (biology) lesson; I’m talking about Lucy and Bart.

This zany partnership can’t decide whether they are fashion designers, architects, performers or scientists but they know how to transform a body. As perfectionists, they don’t think we’re good enough as we are so they’re all about human enhancement.

They’ll use anything from shards of wood, bath foam and balloons to distort human bodies.

They aren’t shrinking violets; a girl who unwittingly participated in one of their performances in Holland got some FREE plastic surgery, by having hooks and eyes glued to her face to adjust her features.

One of their photos reminded me of muscles, which drew me in. I like the way how balloons and tights is such a simple yet effective way of making fake muscles. Topped with realistic looking veins to really complete the outfit.

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Story so far...

So, to fill you in on my fabby fashion career so far, I’m finishing my Art Foundation Year in June to go off to Fashion College (Rochester). My interviews are all but finished with the saved-the-best-for-last spot going to UWE.
It’s nearly time to step outside the rainy comfort of Wales into the big wide world.
But first, I have to execute an amazing and poised end of year project and exhibition.
I chose to do ‘Muscles’ as my topic (yet to think of a witty and mind-blowing title), and am making GREAT headway, but I’m stuck in a proverbial rut at the moment and need some inspiration. Frankly, I’m actually looking forward to go back to school for some much needed catch-up on uni life (clubbing) and some productivity (in that order).